Dear Hari Manjushreeji,

We know each other for long time since the publication of Late Rambhakta Memorial Publication. We know you not only as a good writer and best editor of Nepal not only of Kavre District. We have gone through your many publications high level and distinguished outstanding national personalities and dignitaries. Today, once again we wish to express our long left and heartfelt congratulation and greetings for your exemplary efforts and literary expertise.

Fortunately, this time yesterday I got wonderful opportunity to attend your SY Publication 2076 second phase  Award Ceremony 09th November 2019 because of Dr. Kedarnath Shrestha. Dr. Shrestha was kind enough to tell me about your invitation letter with special reference to your SY Publication Award Ceremony. We appreciate you very much to attend invitation and join the program. I wish to express my congratulatory assessment and appreciation to SY Publication 2076 on following ground in capsule:

  1. The invitation letter was quite informative.
  2. The highlights of the Award Ceremony through Nepal Bhoomee National Weekly dated 5th 2019 was very timely and relevant. Congratulation.
  3. The editorial congratulatory message was very interesting.
  4. We are very happy to know that SY publication has already published book in detail regarding the rewarded personalities, writers and publications to date.
  5. It was quite valid to know the short profile of the chief guest Respectable Surya Prasad Shrestha.
  6. We are also very glad to know the short CV of all six distinguished personalities from different walks of life such as Dr. Kedarnath Shrestha (Education); Mr. Dhrubahari Adhikari (Mass Communication); Mr. TP Sharma (Nepal Bhoomee); Mr. Rajendra Chitrakar (Photo Journalist); Bhakti Darshan (TV) and Nawapragyapan (Quarterly literary newspaper). The selection of faculties was very selective and exemplary. Congratulation. We appreciate very much.
  7. It is also very interesting to know the very short CV of the member of the awardees selection committee with their photos as Padam Dahal, Mr. Pashupatiman Pradhan and Ms. Bhawani Pandey. Wonderful.
  8. The national weekly paper was also found furnished with the photos of writers and information about unveiling books and booklets as Ota Bdr. Khadka (Voices of Vedas; Mrs. Nabina Shrestha (Shree Showsthani Bratakatha) and Mr. Kedarnath Timalsina (Journey to Spain).
  9. It was very valid to know about the sponsors and managers of the awards of six faculties respectively Mr. Ramesh Paudel; Mr. Sunil Sapkota; Nepal Bhoomee National Weekly; Mr. Yogendra Khatri and Mr. Sudarshan Acharya.
  10. We are equally happy to know 15 causes and importance about SY Publication under Why SY Publication?
  11. We are sure that next issue of Nepal Bhoomee will be more informative and evaluative Issue of SY Publication 2076 Second phase Award Ceremony of  09th November 2019.
  12. Your role of MC was imitable, favorable and very participatory SY member- friendly. Congratulation.

Wishing you all the best and grand success from Bhaktapur.