Shabdayatra Prakashan is grateful to the novelist Bharat Jangam for getting the responsibility to publish the english translated version of the novel ‘Kalo Surya’. It is also a matter of pride for the organization to be the publisher of a book that has gained international fame written by its own advisor and lifelong member. After the former Prime Minister and writer BP Koirala portrayed it as a living record of the then society, the discussion of Bharat Jangam’s ‘Kalo Surya’ novel suddenly started. Since its publication in 2036 from Banaras by Indu Prakashan, India, this novel has reached the hands of millions of readers by the fourth edition of the Nepali language. The first edition that was translated by Saroj Kumar Shakya, is not available in the market. Therefore, this novel is about to be published by Shabdayatra Prakashan as the second edition according to the wish of the novelist Bharat Jangam. We feel that this has increased the pride and dignity of this institution.